Exclara Technology Overview

        Since inception, Exclara has been applying its specialized expertise in power management and IC technology to technology-related LED market problems that need to be solved. This effort has resulted in important patented developments, with 14 patents granted with 20 pending patents.
        Exclara high-voltage driver technology embedded in the HVX product family enables lowest cost, smallest size LED solutions that will usher in a new era in the LED market. Ultra-Dim Triac dimming capability is available in the Exclara LVX product family. These products work with Triac dimmers (the standard low cost dimmers available for incandescent lights) and support flicker-free dimming down to 0.01%. LVX solutions support industry-best efficiency, power factor, and EMI (electromagnetic interference) requirements. SplitX is a split transformer architecture implemented in Exclara HPX high power solutions and enables low cost, multi-channel class 2 capability with high reliability.