Exclara HVX Overview

        Exclara’s newest solution, HVX (high-voltage LED driver) is a family of semiconductor devices designed to enable lowest total cost-per-watt while maintaining high performance. The EXC100 is the first product in this family and is a single-chip power supply for high-voltage LEDs. This lowest-cost driver supports low parts count. For example, a 10W power supply only requires 10 to 15 components including the PCB. By integrating all control functionality required for high-voltage AC operation it enables less expensive solutions than the DC solutions. This also allows a smaller overall power system. The HVX family offers high efficiency, high power factor, and low EMI with maximum reliability and long life, all with a plug and play design.
        Combination of small form factor and excellent electrical performance makes the EXC100 ideal for T-style linear tubes and also lamp-style applications where the entire power supply using a 7x7 mm QFP EXC100 IC can be integrated into the LED subsystem.
        The EXC100 supports operation either directly from AC line or from dimmers, making it an excellent drop-in choice. HVX-based systems do not require use of an electrolytic capacitor and therefore can match the operating life of LEDs.
        An HVX-based LED light bulb solution can be built in high volume enabling mass market price under $10. With significantly longer life and lower power consumption compared to other technologies such as incandescent, this price point is driving an inflection point in the high volume adoption of LED-based lighting.
        Exclara HVX products enable:
  • LED bulb without transformer, electrolytic capacitors or bleeder load
  • High energy savings through efficient power conversion techniques
  • High power factor for minimum energy loss in the power grid (compliant with the most demanding of worldwide utility companies)
  • Low EMI pollution below legal limits across the world
  • Support for Triac dimmers