Exclara LVX Overview

        Exclara’s LVX product family consisting of modules using Exclara’s proprietary ICs addresses a broad range of lighting applications. The modules ease Exclara customers’ product development cost and reduce time to market. Exclara LVX modules deliver high-quality light management for indoor environments such as track lighting, recessed ceiling fixtures, troffers, down lights, under-cabinet lights, and accent lighting for commercial or high-end consumer uses.
        These off-the-shelf modules require only two wires for the AC source and two wires to the LED light engine. They come in enclosed and open frame versions. These module products are enclosed to fit within standard Junction Boxes (JBox) and comply with worldwide UL/CE/EMI standards.
        Exclara’s open frame LVX modules also drive low-voltage LEDs and support high-quality dimming. The patented Ultra-Dim Triac dimming capability allows usage of Triac dimmers with flicker-free dimming down to 0.01%. The Exclara LVX IC used in these modules employs a proprietary control function allowing it to be powered by wall dimmers of any type. Tested against a large suite of worldwide dimmers, it provides highly stable dimmer operation by providing load impedance similar to an incandescent bulb. LVX solutions support industry-best efficiency, power factor, and EMI (electromagnetic interference) requirements.